Endurance, Resilience and Humour


I’ve just bought a deck of Tarot cards called ‘The Wildwood Tarot.’

I’ve never used Tarot cards before, so to start with I’m just getting to know the cards, reading the book, and every few days ‘asking them a question’ by just pulling a card at random to see what comes up. I’ve done this three times so far and every time the result has been uncannily relevant. This time especially so.

I’ve been wondering where to go with my blog, questioning the reasons I am doing it, struggling to gather up my scattered thoughts and find a consistent focus, and most importantly feeling like its all just too serious and boring. I’m convinced that the energy we project reflects back onto us, and I wanted to find a way to lighten the mood. So I asked the cards…


and the card that I pulled made me gasp in astonishment and just about fall off my chair!

It was the card shown in the picture above. The Five of Stones, Endurance. Below is a synopsis of the description of the card:

“A child sits in the entrance of a cave, looking out at a dark sky split by lightning. A small fire burns before her….”
“It takes inner strength and courage to protect yourself and survive the challenges of life. This may mean withdrawing from trauma to focus on emotional resilience….maintaining a resilient mind and retaining a sense of humour are most important to our health, along with the knowledge that the sun will rise on another day filled with opportunities.”

Withdrawing from trauma to focus on emotional resilience.

I can’t imagine a more relevant piece of advice in answer to my question! I will endeavour to follow this advice, and will continue to ask questions and share answers as I go.


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